"Discover the hidden beauty of the porteños´ dance."

Tours to the Delta of Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

Visit the cradle of Tango in the Little Italy of Argentina, La Boca.  
• In San Telmo, discover the houses in which Tango grew among the immigrants, the slaves and the poor people.
• Enjoy one of the Cafés with the oldest Tango tradition and learn more about this dance at the National Academy of Tango
• Visit Carlos Gardel’s neighbourhood: at the house of the charismatic singer of Argentine Tango who triumphed in New York, Paris, Barcelona and South America, discover the hidden beauty of the “porteños” dance.
• Visit the place at the richest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires where the Argentine high society first accepted tango.
• If you have fallen under the spell of the Tango Spirit, have fun learning how to dance it with friendly and fun professionals, either male or female.

Duration: 3 hours