Argentina has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.

Jewish City Tours Buenos Aires

Jewish City Tours in Buenos Aires

Get the flavour of Jewish BA guided by Jewish guides!

The Catholic Cathedral of Buenos Aires which has on the frontispiece a Jewish representation and inside of it an allusion to the Holocaust.
The Embassy of Israel Square, built on the spot where the Embassy used to be till it was blown in a brutal terrorist attack.
The new building of the AMIA, since the original one was also destroyed in a terrorist attack.
The Shoá Museum which keeps the memories of the Holocaust and the objects, images and testimonies of the Jewish in Argentina.
Abasto Shopping Mall which has the only Mc Donald’s in the world offering Kosher Food apart from the one in Israel.
• Typical Jewish neighbourhoods and synagogues: Villa Crespo, Once and Barrio Norte.

Duration: 3 hours