Flight from Buenos Aires: 3 h. 15

Days suggested: 2. Flight from Buenos Aires: 3 h. 15. Best season: October to May
GLACIERS IN CALAFATE: Breathtaking landscape of impressive glaciers descending from the continental ice field.

Day 1: Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier sailing close to it and then admiring it from the many trails. Optional: Minitrekking of about 1h.30 on the Glacier Perito Moreno (children under 12 and adults older than 60 not accepted). Difficulty: moderate. Or try the trekking of about 4 hs. Difficulty: high. Only for trained people

Day 2. Go sailing on the deep blue lakes and admire the  wonderful glaciers of Spegazzini, Upsala and others. At night, flight to Ushuaia.

Optional activities: Horseback riding on the mountains with a great view of Lake Argentino

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