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Classic City Tour Buenos Aires
city tour bs as 3 hour tour led by an expert in Argentine history and life (it can also be 4 hours).
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The historical and political centre of Argentina: Plaza de Mayo. La Casa Rosada (The Pink House), the Cathedral and main historical buildings. Avenida de Mayo and Café Tortoni, the oldest Café in town.
The oldest neighbourhoods of BA: Monserrat and San Telmo. Antique and art shops, crafts, flavour and history of colonial BA.

La Boca:  “Little Italy”. Bars, “Caminito”, the cradle of  TANGO; the first port of BA.
The most modern neighbourhood: Puerto Madero. Icons and customs of the new “downtown”.

Retiro: skyscrapers and business have taken the place of colonial farmlands.

Palermo: the largest neighbourhood. Lakes and woods, monuments and residential areas.

Recoleta: the “little Paris of South America”. The most elegant and French quartier; style and architecture; Recoleta cemetery : Evita´s tomb and those of other Argentine historical figures.

  With a Museum
museum The cultural offer of Buenos Aires is wide and of a very high quality. Enjoy the Classical City Tour (link 1) and a visit to one of the following museums: the National Fine Arts Museum (MNBA) if you are classical in your tastes or the Latin American Museum of Buenos Aires (MALBA) if you want to explore a little bit into South American modern art.
Duration: 5 hours

At Night

Discover the charm, safety and fun of BA’s night life. “The city that never sleeps”, BA, is waiting for you.  Visit the same neighbourhoods as in the Day City Tour except for La Boca.
Duration: 3 hours

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With Cafe Tortoni
Enjoy the Classical City Tour (link 1) and enhance your experience of the city stopping at the oldest and most traditional Café of BA for a coffee. Visit the Café where very important Argentine characters founded a cultural and artistic centre at the end of the 19 th century.
Duration: 4 hours.

  With Café Tortoni and Fair

With Café Tortoni and Fair

Enjoy the Classical City Tour (link 1) and experience BA from within: have a coffee at the oldest and most traditional Café of BA and visit the famous Antique Fair in the heart of colonial BA, neighbourhood of San Telmo. You’ll be amazed by the street performers, the Tango dancers and craftsmen and it will make your tour a very authentic experience.
Duration: 5 hours.

  With Lunch
city tour buenos aires with lunch Argentina is famous for its excellent chefs and cuisine: enjoy the Classical City Tour (link 1) and add lunch to it at any of the restaurants we can suggest to you. Lunch will be a good occasion to comment on what you have seen, have fun, ask questions and get a better understanding of the Argentine culture.
Duration: 5 hours.

With Old Tunnels

We will go underground to set on an unforgettable voyage to the past.
Enjoy the Classical City Tour (link 1) and add the old tunnels to it.
If you want to understand modern BA, come and see old BA: an exciting visit to the historical underground city.
Be overwhelmed by the foundation spot of the “little Paris of South America”.
The first urban private archaeological project in BA, El Zanjón will take you back in time, all the way to 1536!
Declared “of general interest” by UNESCO
The only place in BA where you can walk underground will take your breath away:   walk through tunnels where the city was founded.
In the dark corridors of the El Zanjón, you will hear the stories of the two foundations of the city, the origin of Tango, customs in colonial BA and much, much more.  
Duration: 4.30 hours.