Many historians point to the Zanjon ravines as the site of the first foundation of Buenos Aires in 1536 and the site of the creation of tango.

tunnels buenos aires- el zanjon

"Tours to the tunnels of Buenos Aires"

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custom colonial in buenos aires If you want to understand modern Buenos Aires, come and see old Buenos Aires: an exciting visit to the historical underground city.
tunnels in buenos aires• Be overwhelmed by the foundation spot of the “little Paris of South America”.
custom colonial in buenos aires Declared “of general interest” by UNESCO
custom colonial in buenos aires The first urban private archaeological project in Buenos Aires, El The only place in Buenos Aires where you can walk underground will take your breath away:   walk through tunnels where the city was founded.
custom colonial in buenos aires In the dark corridors of the El Zanjón, you will hear the stories of the two foundations of the city, the origin of Tango, customs in colonial Buenos Aires and much, much more.  
custom colonial in buenos aires Visit the oldest neighbourhood in Bunos Aires San Telmo. Historical Mansions, the best Argentine silversmiths, see antiques and crafts.
custom colonial in buenos aires Have coffee and croissants at Café Tortoni, the oldest and most traditional Café in Buenos Aires .

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Duration:  3 hours