Escape to the tranquility of a 17th century portuguese colony:
    a very pleasant trip back in time.

colonia Uruguay private tour

colonia tour

Tours to Colonia from Buenos Aires

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Experience something very special only 50 Km from Buenos Aires, exploring the colony which many countries fought over for centuries.
• Take a ferry to the neighbouring country of Uruguay and enjoy crossing the widest river in the world, the Río de la Plata.
• Have a share in the thrilling stories of the discovery of the river, the history behind its name, the World War II battle fought in it and other stories and legends.
• Enjoy shopping at the duty–free shop on the ferry.
• Let yourself be taken in by the magic of the narrow Portuguese cobble-stone streets and stone houses.
• Visit the magnificent old bull-ring and different home-museums chronicling the history and culture of Colonia.
• Discover the unique and traditional Uruguayan art and crafts’ shops.
• Visit the Cathedral and go up the old light-house to see Argentina.
• Enjoy a full-course meal at an old house-restaurant close to the river.
• Relax by the river coastline: allow all your senses to feel you have been taken back in time on an unforgettable day.

All inclusive
Duration:  approx. 9 hours